Reduce the purchase friction in your online store with these 3 automated marketing campaigns.

In as little as 2 hours work invested, you can be getting higher conversion rates on your sales, and ultimately make more profit with these three automated email sequences in place. 

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What's Inside

Easy Email Marketing Automation contains everything you need to setup 3 specific marketing campaigns designed to increas your online store profits while you sleep. Get the free chater below and see for yourself how powerful these campaigns can be for you.

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The Campaigns

Discover the 3 campigns that are very easy to implement and work hard for you making more profit every day on autopilot.


Your Automation Toolbox

When it's time to go pro, you need professional tools you can use without spending fortune on skilled people to run them and without pulling out your hair.


Turn Browsers To Buyers

Spending a fortune on getting people to visit your online store only to watch them leave again? You need this Stay-In-Contact campaign running on your site.


Advance Cart Abandonment

Just about every online store owner will have a cart abandonment proces in pae these days. But it's time to level up with this advance follow up that uses both email and Facebook. 


Win Back Customers

Do you have custmers who havent purchased for more than 30 days? Get them back into your store and buying your products with this awesome campaign.


How To Write Killer Emails

I know writing emails can be one of the hardest parts for implementing any email marketing campaign. You wil find it much easier with these simple tips.

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About the Author

Meet the mastermind behind Easy Email Marketing Automation

Brad Younger

Brad is the CEO and founder of Shiny Button and has numerous accolades under his belt.  

“Our mission here at Shiny Button is to help reduce that pain, even maybe make it disappear by keeping things simple and showing you tools & processes that work to build you a profitable eCommerce business.”

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