Slash Your Admin Time And Stay Within The Iconics KPI's Automatically

New App Will Connect Your Shopify Store To Your Seller Center Account and Keep Your Inventory Updated and Orders Fulfilled In Real Time 24/7 

Do you spend a lot of time manually updating inventory levels and downloading orders from Seller Center? 

Has your Seller Rating been affected by oversold stock or not getting your orders shipped in time? 

IDA Connect is here to help you with the tedious and time wasting task of managing inventory levels and orders in Seller Center.

Imagine having an assistant working for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, keeping everything updated and flowing so that you don't need to worry? Thats exactly what IDA Connect can do for you

  • The end of manual uploads and downloads of CSV files
  • Stay within The Iconic's SLA's and keep your Seller Rating High so you can participate in more promotions
  • Keep your stock levels updated automatically and reduce your chances of overselling an item 
  • Reduce your frustration of manually updating Seller Center each day
  • Have more time to focus on marketing campaigns, creative work or to simply relax

Want To See How IDA Connect Can Help You?

Have a read of this awesome case-study about how Heather from Kohle used both IDA Connect and the awesome fulfillment app Shippit to take control of her orders and inventory in Seller Center.

Click Here To Read The Case Study

Inventory Updated 24/7

Keep inventory levels updated in real time, 24 hours a day so you can sell more without the worry of overselling. If your master inventory levels change, this will instantly get updated on The Iconic

Manage Orders In One Place

Have your orders from The Iconic created in your Shopify store to automatically update stock levels and manage all your orders in one place. See all your orders together so you don't miss any.

Fulfill Orders Quickly 

Do all your fulfillments in one place. Once an order is fulfilled in your master Shopify, it will be fulfilled automatically in Seller Center so you meet your deadlines and customers are kept informed.

How Does It Work?


Free For 14 Days. All prices in USD. 



  • No ongoing fee. Simply pay for orders processed
  • Charged $2 per order processed
  • Up to 150 managed SKUs* 
  • Business hours support via email 
  • Extra $199 for onboarding help



  • Includes first 100 orders free each month
  • Charged $0.50 per order processed
  • Up to 300 managed SKUs* 
  • Business hours support via email 
  • Extra $199 for onboarding help



  • Includes first 350 orders free each month
  • Charged $0.20 per order processed
  • 1000 managed SKUs* 
  • Business hours support via email & live chat
  • Includes Free onboarding session



  • Unlimited orders included  
  • Unlimited managed SKUs*
  • Business hours support via email & live chat
  • Dedicated account manager
  • Includes Free onboarding session



* Managed SKU is one matched between Shopify and The Iconic

** Orders charged as a percentage of total order items value that are processed on the order. Max $300 charged in any one month.

What Other Customers Are Saying

Kohle Skincare  

"IDA Connect is an absolute game-changer for KOHLE. Prior to installing the app we had to take numerous steps to fulfil our Iconic orders, it was incredibly time consuming and tedious, now it's merely a couple of steps. I would highly recommend this app to anyone who is drop shipping with The Iconic, it's a necessity.

Kaja Clothing "IDA Connect saves us at least 30 hours a week in admin time"


"The IDA connect app is a life saver! It saves us so much time in fulfiling our orders. The support we receive from the app is amazing and efficient."

Ritmo BCN  

"IDAConnect saves me a tonne of time every day so I can get on with selling my products"

Mossman Australia  

"We get a lot of orders from The Iconic and save so much time and money by integrating with IDA Connect"


"IDAConnect helped Von-Röutte synchronise all inventory levels across our website and our marketplace partners. We used to have a high number of backorders due to inaccurate stock and now we decreased this number to almost 0 at The Iconic."